Powering fridge/cool boxes ect when parked up

A bit of advice for a newbie to staying out over night…

Just kitted myself out with a cooker and a fridge/cool box. I was after some advice on Powering fridge/cool box ect when parked up. Can you leave the fridge plugged in and running/powered up without causing a battery power issue when you want to start the truck up in the morning or do you only power the fridge up we you have the engine running?

Depends what cool box it is normally a compressor type yes absorption fridge no cheepo cool box no both now unless you run the truck for 30 mins or so just before bed but depends on how long your being stopped for

I have a halfords cool box. I plug it into the 12v socket during the day. I unplug it when I goto bed and back in when I get up. I never open the lid once it off. I keep skimmed milk for 5 days worth of coffee although I never sniff the milk just in case its gone bad. In the summer I only keep milk 3 days though due to the cab getting warmer inside.