Potential first c+e job

I’ve had my class 2 over 5 years and recently passed my c+e, I had a few hours the other weekend and must of sent out at least 15 cv’s out! One company got in touch and after looking into them and see they was in financial difficulties I let that one slide.

Since then another firm have asked me to pop in next week and another company on monday night, will they try take the ■■■■ in your opinion? I.e newbie turd rate/shed of a wagon etc etc

They could do, but why let it put you off?
Keep your head down and crack on with it if you get the job. Its money in the bank, its also good experience and you can use it as a stop-gap until something better turns up.
Plus, if it is aload of cack, it’ll make you appreciate the next job more!
Good luck.

I’m lucky as I am in work and on a pretty good rate doing class 2, so I guess I could be picky? Technically I’m a newbie but I do have lots of shunting experience, but if I’m picky I’ll never leave will I… Hmm

go for it man we all went thru it gd luck :smiley: