Posting pictures

There have been some threads recently whose purpose seems to be to incriminate other drivers indiscretions, whilst at the same time they incriminate the original poster for using a camera/mobile at the wheel, should these posts be allowed to continue?

I wouldn’t want to include links to sites such as youtube etc, in this poll.

I personally find these posts laughable, as a picture, can be interpreted in many ways and as such usually they don’t prove anything as certain factors are missing; time, date, speed, location, photographers mood!

BTW keep the diaries and blogs coming, most enjoyable.

Oh by the way whatever the result I can’t do a flippin thing about it :blush:

Personally I dont care about the pics as long as they RESIZE them first :unamused:

As this site is used by newbies I suppose the pics & following discussions could be used for educational purposes showing them what NOT to do :wink:

I only look at the pictures :laughing:

I think they can be benificial and intresting.
I just dont bother reading the whinging comments,
and make up my own mind

Depends also on the picture

Use any pics you want just dont take them whilst driving its dangerous. You cant call someone else when your just as bad as them.
p.s. So you met the misses then ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Depends also on the picture

These ■■■ changes never seem to go as planned - do they :exclamation: :exclamation:

if it’s in a paper then why not on here?? if his / her mistake prevent’s you making the same surely this is beneficial to all of us■■?

Generally, still pictures that are posted with the intention of showing other peoples bad driving don’t really prove any wrong doing, and sometimes only serve to make the poster look foolish, so frankly I couldn’t give a [zb].

voted VB am i bovered :question: not really


i voted yes because if youre driving and start taking pics of a wrong doer
guess what you wont have 2 hands on the wheel and youll get done :laughing:
this pc rubbish drives me up the wall . sort it at the time or get over it
is it not enough the general public hate us with a passion . and mrs mini driver would phone in a complaint for no obvious reason .otheir than we were on the same road as them and had to do a blind reverse off a main road and held her up for 40 seconds . dangerous driving phone the plod with a reg no
take a photo phone the police whatever but you better be able to back up any accusations . they should get get back to you after a couple of days :laughing:

Does’nt bother me.
It only bothers me when people start airing their pathetic childish little vendettas about everyday happenings that it then becomes an issue (like its becoming) :unamused:

Seems that the Registration Number ■■■■■ are now moving on to pictures.
Sorry state if you ask me. :angry:

I think TBH,If you dont like reading about these pathetic little happenings on the road,DONT bother replying to the thread.then it wont get blown out of all proportion. :wink: