Posting photos from iphone?

Hi folks, would anyone know how to post an image using an iphone browser? I can use my Dropbox as the storage account and it will work from a pc but I can’t seen to do it on the iphone. Any help would be appreciated. I will try again below.

As you can see it doesn’t work but I can’t see why.

The format is (img)Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

Obviously the brackets should be square

I’ve never been able to post photos from my HTC ONE either and I’ve asked the experts too, sorry i know that’s no help to you. :blush:

Apologies if you have tried this on the new post screen press upload attachments greyed out at the bottom then choose your photo and then press add file works every time for me.

edited : , sorted own issue in tapatalk settings.

press the reply when in thread on tapatalk,
at bottom you see line of dots right hand side …
click on …
click on Photo sharing

tick Source: Camera,Gallery.
tick Hosted By : Attachment.

click : Back, and carry on as normal for gallery choice - job done. :wink:

Mine says " the attachment is invalid " for some reason.

Ok here goes. Lol. I have to just say I don’t use tapatalk.

Cool. Thanks folks. I’m guessing there will be a storage limit per account but I’ll look into that in a minute.

Thanks again.

Ok it appears that it hasn’t worked

How about now?