poss work

hi all anyone know any decent companies hiring for European work. moving back uk shortly tks

Not commenting on decency etc but S&K were advertising this week for euro.

oh ok m8 tks for reply

I’m not giving phone numbers re our place anymore. Nobody ever calls once I pass it on. We do nothing but European.

No, only EE firms. Well ray white maybe but you probly have to gob
Him off for a job.


Apart from specialist companies, nobody does European work any more, the entire British European transport industry has been given to eastern Europe.

Need 26 pallets of paint moving from Plymouth to Madrid? An eastern European will turn up to do it.

Need a machine moving from Stockholm to Milan? An eastern European will turn up to do it.

Need an exhibition stand moving from Brussels to Athens? An eastern European will turn up to do it.

How the hell did we just sleepwalk into this■■? Why didn’t the RHA or the FTA do something to support the British European transport industry?

i said it would happen in 1992 soon as we let the [zb]run wild :smiley:

Try posting this in the Euro driving forum… you might get lucky and BigVern1… I’d take the number maybe in a few years when my kids are a little older and Ive got more experience :grimacing: