POLL: Who do you intend to vote for?

I’m just interested, as a few other polls like this on other forums I visit have be surprising.

Poll is anonymous.

  • Conservatives
  • Lib Dems
  • Reform
  • Labour
  • Green Party
  • Other
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None they are all incompetent and promise everything and deliver nothing unless it’s a case of lining their own pockets.

No option for I’m not voting in the poll.

In fact they are as good at running the country as companies are in the logistics business at running the business. Aka they are all incompetent.

So I’ve had to vote other.

Plaid Cymru, although it’ll be a pointless vote as Labour will always win in the Rhondda!

Nice to see a fat zero for Labour :+1:…so far

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Frangers aint been on then? :joy:

he was one of the tory votes

Reform …for the reasons I pointed out in the 'Political discussions ’ thread.

  1. I like maverick type characters (Farage in this case) who speak their mind and do not care af who they upset in the process, in any walk of life.
    I can relate to that myself.:smiley:

  2. .The 2 main parties,.who are upset (but tell us they aint) are urging and advising us NOT to vote Reform…aka the best reason I can think of for doing the opppsite.

3.It generally annoys and pi55es off active and almost fanatical supporters of the 2 main parties.

Not a chance in hell of them getting in, but the number of VOTES (as opposed to the number of seats) they gain, will send out a message to the 2 main parties.

I shall be voting for my local Reform candidate.

For me they’re the only party making anything like the right noises about immigration and the Ukraine war.

Reform or Tory. Not 100% yet, probably Tory.

I voted Tory last time…purely for Johnson and his Brexit promise, of which tbf he kept.
When I look back at the complete Horlicks they have made of it since, for whatever agenda that may be (as I do not believe this is them trying their best to make it a success, at any price) as well as everything else, there is no way in hell I would vote for them this time.

Dont answer if you dont want to, but after their record, what is making you even consider voting for them :flushed:, and especially when your other choice, a vote for Reform would send a strong message to them ( both parties) tgat we have all had enough.

Because I’m not convinced that Reform is in this for the long run. Farage has done this before with Ukip and Brexit whatever… got what he wanted then disappeared. Be interesting to see how it pans out after the election if he sticks around.
I’d just rather see the Tories survive than see Starmer in number 10.

Ok good point.
Me…Tories no way.

Labour…Not sure as to how genuine Starmer and his intentions are.

Reform…At least a message is being sent out that we are tired of the same old sh from both parties…
If he does hang around sniping at them and being successful, well thats a bonus.

So my vote will show for something at least , however small… and I lurrrrve it when these ■■■■ s expectations and requests are ignored…a la Brexit referendum.

I can’t be persuaded either way because I already posted my vote 2 or 3 weeks ago, despite all the doom and gloom here about postal votes never arriving in time. :joy:

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I’m voting Tory, reform would need to change to get my vote. Get them planes full Rishi, no treading on egg shells just push them on.

None of the above, not one of our local candidates, whoever they are has failed to make contact or send a leaflet of somesort.

usualy because the associated party turns on him. He is another boris says what he means and doesnt worry about the pc rubbish. hence he wont get in because of the woke brigade

We have a sitting Conservative MP in my area and they’ve sent out so many leaflets and newsletters and general election paraphernalia there’s a risk of it causing a paper shortage :astonished:

My heart says Reform but my head says Tories because here it’s basically a Tory v closet Communist LibDem race.
But I might just vote Reform anyway then have the credibility to moan about the joke electoral system we have.

For me it’ll be SDP if they’re on my ballot paper, if not then Reform. SDP rarely gets much mention but they really do seem to encompass the best bits from all the others, shame they’re in the political wilderness, and I know that voting for any minority party will give Labour the keys to No.10 but we can’t keep going round in circles with a 2 party system.

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You raise a good point there. 2 party circle needs to change.