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Winseer-speak, where “ignorance is strength”

EDIT: New World Order (searched up by my highly amused teenage daughter, who is wondering what kind of drugs her Dad’s “internet colleagues” are on)

So the Gov subsidises those companies that underpay…Can we leave that for a minute.

Taking your assumptions Monthly net pay £1720.
Rent 1,000. Council tax100. Energy 50. Car? (£1000 that lasts 2 years) 50. Car tax/ins 60. Fuel 150.

£300 a month for food, clothing? Ten quid a day
No cash for any leisure/holidays/saving for deposit.

not an assumption fact baised on minimum wage.

why would a 21 year old need 2 bedrooms but ignoring that 300quid for food what the hell is this person eating steak mingone every night■■? last car i bought for 1000 pounds lasted about 3 years( bell rivot let go on the crown wheel and smashed the gearbox) fuel costs me about 100 a month and i had to drive 30 miles every day but why does he need to drive there is plenty of warehouse work in that area there are three large industrial estates with subsudised busses that run from one end to the other every 10 min that cost 15/ week so 60-75 a month.

10 pounds for 6 pairs of undies
30 for three pairs of jeans
21 for 7 t-shirts

so even if he buys 2 complete wardrobes a year that is 122 not 520

You suggested that pay which I agree with. You suggested a 2 bed flat now me! :grinning:
I went with your assumptions.
Maybe you don’t like the word assumptions but I see nothing wrong with it. We are assuming a certain state of affairs.

OK, assume no car instead £70 month and reliance in buses. Less scope for better paid jobs with irregular hrs or further afield but that is a choice.
Income 1720
Flat 1150
Transport 70

So we have £500 a month left for food clothing etc.
Food £200 a month? Or are they only on beans and pot-noodles?

That leaves £300 a month or £10 a day.
Clothing, holidays, leisure, saving for deposit?

Easily affordable? I don’t think so.
Do-able, but not great.

Yesterday’s Y-Gov poll looks even worse for the Tories than before.

It is a quite clever methodology, but, it should be read with care.
Phil Moorhouse is good in interpreting the runes, and is unapologetic in saying he does so from one perspective. Other interpretations are available, but Moorhouse does explain what * might* happen if the election is further delayed.
Yes, he has a bias, but he explains his reasoning well. YouGov MRP – Labour now projected to win over 400 seats | YouGov

So you think (your delusion, not mine) that Starmer is automatically going to win 100% of defecting Tory voters, myself included, as I clearly don’t know I’m going to be apparently voting Labour myself, if you’re correct, and I’m wong…
As I said - I don’t believe people under 40 are that daft. They’ll be voting for all kinds of stuff, including the Monster Raving Looneys, their next door neighbor who’s not on the ballot, Lord Buckethead, spoiling their ballots, or staying at home and not voting at all… All kinds of stuff. Just not 100% Labour from Tory.
It’s not my “opinion”, just a common-sense read of reality, based on past behaviour of the same British Public that are easy to fool in part, but impossible to fool 100%.

We all need to learn the tenets of Judaism, by the looks of it…
“What you don’t throw away, is as good as what you earn/win” financially.

You can cut overhead costs of commuting - to effectively take home more of your pay.

You can negotiate lower rents, with the new laws already in place preventing out-of-hand evictions.

You can drive a cheaper car that costs less to maintain rather than to fill with fuel.
You can take direct routes to work, rather than multiple changes on public transport.

You can buy from the reduced aisles in supermarkets, rather than HAVE to shop at Sainsburys and Waitrose out of some sense of Poshness…
You don’t have to take a foreign holiday this year, let alone a more expensive staycation.
You don’t have to have the most fashionable threads…

It’s called “Frugal Living”. I’ve had to learn how to do it from 2020.
Now I cannot imagine living any other way.
Should there now be any kind of economic rebound, I’m placed quite well for that future upturn as well.
The only thing I’m NOT covered for - is interest rates going back to 15%, my pension being defaulted, or my health failing such that I lose my HGV licence…

Keep voting for Tories and their “austerity” and your imagination will not need to work hard to see continuing frugality.

I’ve got no intention of voting for the Tories. “Sir” Keir Starmer is just another Tory establishment guy to me.

All the things Sunak could have done to get me to vote Tory - needed to be done by the end of the financial year, which I believe is the close of business tomorrow…
Not much time to get Interest rates below 2%, halve the price of our energy bills, and continue cutting taxes rather than NI…

Starmer on the other hand - has until the election to get HIS policies rolled out - but what are they that benefit ordinary people, rather than those we’ll never meet?

I’m sick of “Jam Tomorrow” aruguments. We should be voting FOR a government to do something FOR us, rather than against a government who won’t do anything for some faraway land we don’t give a toss about…

in the given senario when i was 21 i was living in a hostel but had i of carried on at uni i would of been in student digs. that aside i chose nlw as that is the bare minimum if i was working a bare minimum job i would go for a 1 bed flat if i wanted mates over they could kip on the sofa or floor. or get a 2 bed flat with a mate and flat share.

So many things wrong with what you’re saying.

Nowhere did I say anything about Labour getting 100% of defecting Tories. And, you’re forgetting that many who voted Conservative last time were one-off Tory voters only; a result purely of Corbyn being the Labour offering. For these people to return to a more typical vote is not a “Tory defection”.

I’d be prepared to bet a months salary that the next government is not Labour, I’ve said nothing of how this would come about apart from the simple fact that people want a change.

The people I described weren’t existing Tory voters, not would they ever have been likely to be so; I think those people are now making up the significant component of the electorate, significant enough to cause the change to occur.

if you want a slightly better paying job there is aldi paying 12 - 12.95 an hour

I find that intriguing.

I am not an habitual gambler, but I will put a month of my current salary against a month of yours, that Labour do form the next Gov.

ummmm aren’t you retired franglais??

Sssshhhhh !
I’ll give you a cut if you keep quiet.

Doh! Merely an error caused by a multi-edit of my response to Winseer, I was intending to use a double-negative for effect “isn’t not Labour” was what it should have said.

Franglias is obviously one of those retirees similar to some of my retired relatives, two of whom are off on a month-long cruise of the caribbean in a week’s time, this being their first holiday of the year.

phew i thought i was going to have to vote la… lab… la (nope cant say it) to win some money

Quieter this year than last so far. 4x4 in Pyrenees soon, and nothing else booked yet.
I am very rarely on the paraffin chicken but do a bit on 4 wheels here n there.