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Elections are starting early around here: Next up is the Tees Valley Mayoral election. There’s four candidates, one independent (an ex cop), one running for LibDems (aww… don’t laugh, someone has to support them), and of course a Labour guy (who is someone who I hadn’t heard of before) all of whom want to unseat the incumbent mayor. “Baron” Ben Houchen of High Leven.

“Baron Ben” got his peerage whilst in office (booooo… booo…) from disgraced Prime Ministerial pantomime buffoon Bojo.
“Behind you!”
For me that’s Sttttttttteeeeeerrrrrike 1!

Later he scraped through an inquiry into corruption at the big commercial development “Teesworks”, though it did identify “excessive confidentiality and a lack of transparency” Sttttttttteeeeeerrrrrike 2!

Then (more personally) posted something which clearly indicated his natural propensity to irrationality and lack of logical judgement, by making an Easter post last year which endorsed him as someone who clearly accepts the existence of ghosts, which was then poorly (and insultingly) defended by one of his minions in a manner which indicated the Mayor’s Office has a strong belief in the “bread and circuses” notion of politics
Sttttttttteeeeeerrrrrike 3! You’re out!

And of course, for good measure, there was the comment by his fellow Tory, Home Secretary James not-so Cleverly: "Stockton is a… "
Auto Censor prohibited word it appears. Cryptically: 1 across, eight letters, He hit sol and got rearranged. I am going to hold this against Benny Boy as “guilty by association”

So now it’s “Eeny, Meeny, Miney” at election, but I’ll wager no “Mo” Baron Ben.

So long, and thanks for all the fish Baron.

Your local Baron got a mention on “The Interesting Times” site today.
“We got our airport back”…hhmmmm…

The airport WAS/IS in his favour, but the evidence against the Baron is a tad stronger for me.

I’m guessing that everyone knows by now that suitable ID will be required by all voters this year?
In spite of a lot of screaming and shouting there hasn’t been much of a problem with personation in most of the UK, and it seems that the new rules have prevented more genuine voters from their say, than fake ones.
I wonder why the present Gov were so insistent on it?

Thank you for that explanation Mr Rees-Mogg.

I don’t see what taking id proves. from what i remember from last time one simply took their polling card to the appropriate place with some proof of address. Joined the appropriate queue depending on surname they struck your name off the list and you went and voted. job done

far as i can see unless the poll station staff were in on the scam there was no way someone could vote twice. Only possible way i can see it being rigged was if someone printed out a whole lot of polling cards and a whole lot of bank statements or other forms of proof of address and beating the proper residents of the addresses to the poling station.

I also fail to see why “old people” don’t have id what has age got to do with it?

The law changed in 2023. You now need photo ID to vote in person.

There has been a vanishing small incidence of voter fraud in the past.
But who said that any fraud would only happen at the same polling station? Ever heard of “voters” being bused around in other countries?

No one has said “old people don’t have ID”
What has been said is that older and poorer people are less likely to have photo ID.
Even the Gov says so

The Electoral Commission reckoned that 14,000 were turned away in May 2013 elections.
But that doesn’t include those who didn’t attempt to vote because that had no valis ID and may have turned back when they met “greeters” before entering the polling stations.
It is a small percentage, but much bigger than any fraud.

i got that from the rees mogg video you posted admittedly he said elderly rather than old

Meanwhile in New York,
Trump is starting in (another) case, this one concerning the monies paid to Stormy Daniels.
One commentator notes that he is likely to be tried as an adult…

I nearly put this on the Dash Cam thread for @robroy.
I think he is against benefits being paid when they aren’t due, and keeping costs down. But it is a bit political and so…well…

Only replying to this Frangers as I got an email alert…btw, wtf is that all about exactly.
You say ‘It’s a bit political’ preceded by a ‘but’…are you patronising me again with an implication that I am not on the same political intellectual plane as yourself?:flushed:
Surely not, it’s nothing at all like you to do such a thing.:thinking:

Anyhoo…Aye, you are dead right, I’m totally against money being wasted when it could be better spent, especially when it applies to foreign alien freeloaders masquerading as ‘asylum seekers’…aye the ‘old chestnut’.

As for matey boy?..Nah, never heard of him, but yeah just ANOTHER unscrupulous MP. as far as I can see…yawn.

As I’ve tried to tell you before mate, the majority of them are just in it to ride the gravy train, whatever party they belong to.

As I’ve also regularly told you, …why risk your blood pressure when you as a plebian working man can do the far end of ■■■■ all about how the establishment conduct thrmselves.
I’ll just stick to my football instead and leave the worrying and concern about politics to an expert like yourself.

As Billy Connolly says the fact they want to run for parliament should disqualify them,.and if they do get in, dont vote for the ■■■■ s as it only just encourages them.:joy:

You got the alert because I put an @robroy in there.
(If you want you can turn the e-mail alerts off in the personal preferences)

Oh my! No!
The Dash Cam thread was (mostly) non-political and although this is a bit relevant to our discussion of waste but not of cameras.

Of course I did expect the “furriners are scroungers” and the “MPs are all the same” shots, so thank you for not disappointing me. But you did miss the “overpaid skivvers” for the hat-trick.

Pretty near the mark for far too many of them.

And as I’ve told you, as individuals we can do little. As a group we can do more.
But sitting back and giving in, does not sit as easy with me as it does you.

Who tf is giving in exactly?:roll_eyes:

It aint mine or your place to ‘give in’ …is it.:roll_eyes:
Leave it to those who are directly involved and who are paid to deal with such issues…getting all hissy about it will do absolutely nothing to affect the situation.
And we all know about your blood pressure.
Chill out man …or cool down the armchair politician vibe, and run for office.

’ No more angers, if you vote for Frangers’

Ok admittedly it needs a bit of work.:smile:

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Wanna job as my Spin Doctor?
I’m sure we can fiddl…uuummm
…Get the correct funding for you.

Do you think we would get on?

Hardly a problem?
Or do you think that all the members of (insert name of any political party here) all love each other?

Well there has definitely been a few dodgy extra marital affairs in political parties over the years.
Can I just stress that was an observation, NOT a suggestion.:joy:

This will be clamped down the rest of the way - once we have the date of the UK general election, which I suspect will be October 31st 2024.

Sunak - dare not call it after the US election, as a Trump victory would pretty much end his deep state-backed career over here.
Call it sooner though?
The Tories would get the more killed - the earlier they make it.
Not enough people are realizing that Starmer has no answers, and at present - intend voting Labour switching from Conservative to do so.
Pollsters are saying things like:
Minor Parties = Marking Time.
Conservatives = losing 126 seats.
Labour = winning 120 of those, the other six going to the libdems.
So 15%+ of this country’s electorate RIGHT NOW intend voting Reform UK, and that amounts to Zero Seats yet again?

Who says our western elections are “impossible to rig”, and the “system is 100% secure”…

Not if the result can be so-agreed upon by pollsters THIS far ahead of polling day!

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, you’re going to end up with a politician.