Polishing with Albrush

Got myself an Albrush polishing head to use with a drill sander. It has an attachment to connect it to a drill chuck. Just wondered if anyone had used one with an air operated drill/grinder off the wagon and what were the results?

Haven’t used one myself but a guy at work does a little coach works , told me if I was ever using such a tool don’t let it rub to long in the one spot or it ‘burns’ the paint , keep it moving , don’t know if it needs to be a little damp , I’m no expert but I’m sure someone will be along to give you good advice .

Check out a website called detailing world. Loads of stuff on there about using mechanical polishers.

Hummmm If you got experience, then knock yourself out and have fun… but if you’ve never polished using a machine then Id say, leave it well alone as you’ll burn through the paint work and make a mess of ya truck and the paint work…
If you wanna use a polishing machine, invest in a DA … a lot more forgiving for someone who hasn’t experience and its not just about the machine but also about the quality of the cleaners, polish and waxes that you use

Try www.cleanyourcar.co.uk.. for forum advise and product ratings

Sorry, I should have stated this is for alloy wheels only not the paintwork.


Still wouldn’t use a machine polisher for alloy wheels, far better by hand as you can clean grooves better :smiley:

Hiya…there,s a product called Alu Proud it a aly cleaner. I cleaned a circle as big as a tennis ball 6 years ago on the
sideboards of a lorry i drove. beleive me or not the circle still shines today. the new driver phone and asked what the
product was as people(motorbikers)keep asking him what it was that cleaned the spot. you need www.aluproud.co.uk.
it cost £8 for about a mugful but it is brilliant. there was someone on trucknet who had some to sell. try putting alu proud to start a new site. they may find you

Are you polishing uncoated aluminium?
Or just a clear coated paint?

Are you polishing uncoated aluminium?
Or just a clear coated paint?

Theyre polished alloys. Dont think they have any coating on them. They were like a mirror when trailer was new in October but winter has taken its toll. Now we’re into warmer weather I want to shine them up again v

Have painted set of alloys fitted on my car.
Decide to do some crazy project. Strip all paint and polish them.
That’s how they looked.

Took me two :open_mouth: week evenings to look like this
with this polishing kit
ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminium-Met … 5d4b62c983

But I give up because I had nother three to do :smiley:
and I just give to my friend to paint them!
Because there’s no way to protect them properly.
You can not clear coat them because it will dull them and
clear coat is yellowing with a time. As you said winter takes it toll.
Do not want to polish them every week. As a best wax was recommended this one

ebay.co.uk/itm/Wheel-Sealant … 20dde9bbfd

Bought it but now I am waxing painted wheels :smiley:
As for polishing kit it does his job well.
Hope it helps.