Police Subaru Impreza

Has any one seen that electric blue full spec subaru impreza on the A1 in north yorkshire looks like its to draw out the boy racers and when it bites it has blue lights every where :frowning: No one believes me :confused:

They also had a silver one at onetime

they have a jet black on on M23.had it for ages

The Biker:
They also had a silver one at onetime

North Yorkshire Police currnetly have at least one smoke grey metallic Impreza - you have to keep the boys happy! :laughing: :laughing:


the police have had one for 8 years where i live nothing new round here

Quite a few years back, Edinburgh Police had a couple of “Blades” (Honda Fireblade motorbikes), tricked out with hidden cameras etc and I understand they’d had a bit of work done on them too. One was in a standard Blade paint job, the other was white with the standard Police ‘go faster stripes’ on it.
:open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:

Bearing in mind how good a Police rider usualy is and how well they know the roads on their patch. I understand that the method they used to catch their fish was.
The standard looking blade would take the ‘boy racer’ on the inside of a bend, when boy racer thought he was going fast :open_mouth: :smiley: . Boy racer then tries to get back his honour by tear-arseing after that blade. When the boy racer eventually thinks to look in his mirrors they see the Police blade with blues n twos going and a copper with his knee down sitting there grinning at him :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: .
Of course this is all hearsay from boy racers, caught they claim, by this method. Mind you, most of them were pratts. I’m not one of the ones caught this way. :smiley:
(My bike doesn’t handle well enough and I’m not quite stupid enough to try and keep up with a blade on it. ) :blush: :laughing: