POA problem

Hi guys. I would like to check something with you.
I normally take my 15 min break before I get to my first collection point. Then I put my tacho on POA.
When I get to my drop point after 3 hours I take 30 min break.
Now…my tacho started to flash saying that I need a break.
I took printout and it clearly shows 45 min break (15+30). What the he’ll■■?
I’ve noticed 59 min of POA. Would the tach register that as a break and zero my driving hours when I left the pick up point?

POA isn’t a break and can’t be used as any part of a break, but unfortunately it will, wrongly, reset your driving time if you use it and accumulate more than 45 minutes.
Crap software fault and the reason I don’t use it as it can easily catch you out, as you’ve just found out.

Cheers. I’m at the services now for next 2minutes. Good job I stopped

similar thing happened me year ago started new job. involves lot waiting around so thought id use poa . anyway set off driving after a while looked up said drove 3 hours thought sure done more .
anyway end week downloaded card had loads infringemenets driving time errors . and was told its poa it resets your time . so now I don’t use it at all otherwise youd need use your brain write down driving times n stuff to work out when to stop.

I don’t get the point of poa at all its pointless if you ask me

Why are you using POA in scenario you describe? Is it company policy? Or are you deducted all breaks?

I used it for large periods of downtime IF end time was known otherwise you can’t really use it. Can’t see why your using it for such a small amount of time ?

Edit : just realised was for an hour so that’s why it’s reset your drive time on tacho but in reality it means your short on breaks

I avoid like plague now as it’s too easy to fall foul as you’ve found out

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