Playing chicken

Playing chicken goes wrong.Video half way down long have we
been able to do 60 on a single carriage way :question: … ce=twitter

bloody hell!!
surprised he walked away from that the stupid little prick.i hope his parents were shown the film of what he did. :open_mouth:

He would of made it if he had continued following his mate, but looks like he bottled it and tried to run back to where he started from,lol nearly a dead prick indeed, no doubt if he had been quished by the truck the driver would of been at fault in some way or other, even if he was at or below the 40mph limit

It was posted the other day Playing chicken with a truck! [MERGED] - THE UK PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS FORUM (INTERACTIVE) - Trucknet UK

Lucky laddie indeed :exclamation:

It was in this same area that some young idiot ran out in front of my car at 10.15pm last summer and the reason I decided to fit a dash cam to my car.

Nope I didn’t hit him but heard the panic in his voice when I missed him by about a foot… :open_mouth:

It’s the main road out of my village, I’ve had some of these jokers run across in front of me on my motorbike, we have no police station now the nearest one being 5-6 miles away by which time the culprits are long gone. :angry: