Planet Stupid

A woman walked into the women’s dressing room of Planet Fitness and was shocked to see a bloke having a shave and a young girl wrapped in a towel and looking frightened, the woman took a picture of the bloke for evidence of what was going on.

Planet Fitness cancelled the woman’s membership because it’s against the rules to take pictures in the dressing rooms of Planet Fitness :astonished:

WTF is the wold coming to :cry:

Planet Fitness boots member over complaint about biological man in women’s locker room (

Planet Fitness plummets after defending male photographed shaving in woman’s locker room (

If I were you, I would look at the sources:
NewsMax and NYPost.

not read the links but sounds like more victim blaming like the burglars that sue for cutting themselves climbing through the window they broke

I know this wasn’t in the UK if that’s what you mean, on the other hand if you mean those media outlets are unreliable it’s all over the internet, in fact Planet Fitness shares have taken a hit because of the incident.

Yeah they have taken a hit. But that doesn’t mean the story is true.
Maybe it is? Maybe it ain’t?

Failed Fact Checks

Failed Fact Checks

Not everything from the Murdoch NewsCorp is false, but it without some more credible sources…I would be doubtful.

this from the mail

Planet Fitness have not budged on the stance they took with Cormier.

The gym says that Cormier has been talking about the incident with other people at the gym and she has been inappropriate.

‘Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members,’ the gym said in a statement.

'Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity.

other sources available looks like they aren’t denying it so… read into that what you will

Planet Fitness STANDS BY decision to allow men in women’s locker rooms and warns members that their ‘discomfort’ is not a reason to exclude transgender people.

So since the company are not denying that a transgender guy? was having a shave in the female locker room, I guess that is true.
Fair enough.

No alleged trembling girl has made any complaint?
I don’t imagine seeing a fully clothed man having a shave is too distressing although I might be wrong?

Most of my driving is done in the Eu and France in particular. When the toilets are being cleaned they put up a sign to use the other ones. No one seems to mind.

i saw this the other day when i went into use the gents… lady stood there cleaning the floor and sinks 2 guys came in and started using the urinals… i thought then poor woman.

if i was female i wouldn’t want to change in front of a man be it transgender or not in fact i might be even more intimidated as all the political correctness aroundit i would feel i couldn’t complain.

it wasn’t the “trembling girl” that made the complaint it was a different lady least in the version i read. planet fitness have also said they stand by their decision to ban the lady

I don’t know the exact floor plan of Planet Fitness. Are the shower areas open to the “locker rooms”? Or can you get dressed in privacy outside the “locker room”?
So long it is clear that others are around I see no big problem. It is nearer being on the beach, not in your own home.

If unhappy with arrangements then don’t go there, and ask for a refund of membership if terms were not clear. Vote with your feet.
A campaign to organise a boycott, seems like pressuring others to conform to a norm?

On the plus side… I was pleased to see this touch of common sense yesterday
Scottish Parliament staff banned from wearing rainbow lanyard - BBC News.

I really struggle with of this stuff.

I don’t much care if someone chooses to wear a rainbow lanyard, a hijab, a crucifix, or a yarmulke.
Because I don’t identify myself as what I wear, I equally have no objection to being told some things are against a dress code for work.

If someone chooses to wear a Spice Girls T shirt it is a good clue not to discuss music with them!

I agree but it should be extended to MSPs and their staff while they’re at Holyrood, and if it’s not already policy it should be brought into the houses of parliament.

Indeed. The whole kit and kaboodle of them should be made to adhere to a much higher standard of conduct than we currently see.