pics request

i know its a long shot but im looking for some pics of companys my dad used to work for, COOK AND COPESTAKE TRANSPORT from smallwood near stoke area, or TURNOCKS from stoke both not around now gone a long time ago but just thought someone might know or have some, googled them but no luck.

I used to drive for Cooke & Copestake,first job when I came out of the army in 1968.I was with them for 6 months and that’s what got me started on tramping.
Eric Cooke was the senior partner and his brother Percy was the company fitter.
They had a couple of Bedford TK’s,which I started on,then got promoted to an Albion 4 wheeler.There was an Albion 6 wheeler that a little Irish guy named Des Carroll drove,and the first artic was an Albion Riever driven by a guy called Acker Bilk.
When they went in for a second artic,it was a new Albion Riever,which Acker Bilk had,but was late being delivered.The new trailer arrived but there was no tractor so Tillotsons lent them an AEC Mandator which was my first artic.I was driving that during the qualifying period to get a class one licence when they first came out so I didn’t have to take a test.When the new Albion arrived,Acker had it and I had to take the older Albion,but it was nothing compared to the Mandator!
When I left,I went tramping for the Wild Group and then went to Brit European,I was on my way back from the M/E filling up in Hungary when an old Dow Freight Merc pulled ur behind me,and it was Eric Cooke doing his first,and only,trip to Istanbul.
Eric died quite some time ago,but about 10 years ago,I met John Copestake again,running one motor that Des Carroll was driving,based funnily enough in Chapman and Balls old yard.I don’t know if John is still alive,if he is he will be well into his 80’s.He used to live about a mile from me.
Unfortunately I have no photos of any of the motors.

thanks for reply, my dad was mick dont know if you know him, just looking to show my dad some pics, think it was my dads 1st job, i thought my dad had a ERF but not sure, i will ask him.