Pics Class II

just a cpl of pics of Jay with his 54 reg scania doing Multi-Drop work for this company, nice scania, and drives like a dream he says, before this he had the “Beast” which was the old Volvo, which we both passed our tests in, and i actually like the Volvo aswell :laughing: :smiley:

Nice truck and pics :smiley:

Yeah the pics are taken with my nokia 6680, and are actually quite bright compared to the Motorola video phone that my g/f uses

What gearbox is in it and what are 3663 like
to work for as they have some nice trucks :question:

jay my mate said they are brilliant to work for its £22,800 a year and its multi-drop and also nights to scotland 1 drop and 1 pick up, they double man which is ok, if they send you far like carlise they dbl man you, the gearbox he said is a bit weird, i think he said its semi auto im not too sure, but you have to dip the clutch when you stop or something like that? any ideas?,lol

the wagons are very clean, and the oldest thy have is 4 yrs old they mostly have scania’s but they have the volvo and M.A.N too which he said are great to drive

plus they are also getting a new fleet he said this year, im going for an interview tomorrow, so if i find out any more i’ll let you know


Its called Opticruise

It is a semi auto box, Which you use the clucth for stopping and starting, all in between is done automatically,

A bit slow to change, so don’t pull out on anyone expecting to pull away and leave them, (not going to happen)

New version of opticriuse in the new scanias is a great improvement :smiley:

Thats the one Discopete, i know he told me but couldnt remember what it was called, he said it was a bit funny to get used too, but it works fine for him now, thanx for that

done some days on the agency with 3663 and quite enjoyed it

always been double manned on multi-drop but hear from them it is not always like that - depends on the route and drops.

some of the drops can be nightmares with lots of stairs to cart everything up

upside can be free meals when you do KFC - and i hear they are doing pizza hut from feb

trucks always clean and well maintained but got to agree that opticruise is a pain when you are trying to get going at r/abouts etc

all the people i’ve been paired with seem to like the pay and work and a couple are being put through their training by the company

lol, apparently 3663 are not employing agency drivers now, thats what they say on their website NO AGENCY PLEASE

they were using agency this week cause i was there :smiley:

does he smoke…lol :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Lmao kojak, must be stress m8, doing all that multi-drop work, all 6 of them,lol

ah find out this week…if i get the job with them…i’ll keep you informed!!! :unamused:

yes - he certainly liked to smoke :smiley: