Pic request,Derry Morgan

Lookin for any pictuers of this firm from northern ireland,usually red v8 toplines and fridges,cheers :smiley: Or any fron Ireland.


got alot more if u want them giz a shout ! :sunglasses:

As usual you come with the goods Ross, well done matey, great pics

is that mulgrews scaniamads truck :question:

Ross - fancy taking a pic of a bloke having a ■■■■■ :open_mouth: Tinnelly pic :laughing:

Ross - fancy taking a pic of a bloke having a ■■■■■ :open_mouth: Tinnelly pic :laughing:


:laughing: :laughing: I hadn’t noticed that Penfold, well done matey :laughing: :laughing:

haha never noticed that ! :sunglasses:

anyone know what large refridgerated contract they have out of dublin. there used to be about 9/10 of them on the HSS from Dublin nearly every night last year. They used to make up about 80% of the trucks on the ferry most nights

prob cuisine de france , tallagh , think morgan and delaneys r the top 2 who do it :sunglasses:

is that mulgrews scaniamads truck :question:

No thats not mine.that was at Belfast last year and i was on holiday,Cheers Ross,thats em,any of Mcgeown international that was goin,think they av a T Cab topline pulling a low lowder,also any Of Caffrey`s new R series wi the pod on roof,cheers.ant chance you could email me some then i can save and print em, Cheers :smiley:

Enjoy ! :sunglasses:

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Some Delaney !

my dad is gonig down the road in derry morgans yellow volvo tomorrwo morning on the fleet wood boat