Photos of the Charles Russell Scania 140


I’m looking for pictures of the Scania LBS 140 S from Charles Russell.
Especially pictures of the rear end with the holder of the mudgards and the holder of the rear lights are interesting.
Could someone help me out, or does someone know if the owner is a member in this forum?
Thanks in advance!

Regards, Unterflur!

Hi Unterflur,
A video that may help you here

Hi Oily,

thanks a lot for the link!
Problem is that it isn’t possible to see some details of the holders that i need for a rebuilt.
I convert my LB into an LBS and so i have to built some parts on my own, like the mudgard holders and the
rearlight holders because the rear of the russell scania is exactly like i want it on mine except the missing rear cross member.
All other parts are no problem.


i have some magazine articles that might show this unterflur.
i’ll dig them out and scan them tommorrow unless someone beats me to it!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Ok, i can wait til tomorrow, my life doesn’t depend on it!


Any good to ya?

So you are doing it :smiley: your 141 is lovly now but i think it will be fantastic when yor done ! Are you coming to Sweden with it sometime? Or maby i take our litle 81 and came down to you :laughing:
Cant wait to see your when Its done :smiley:


i hope these are of some use unterflur-

get some pics up of your 141 !!
cheers ,andrew

Sorry not the rear of it, but one of the front taken at The Retro Show at Gaydon in 2011.

Hi guys!

I was sure that i can rely on this forum and to get the help i need! :smiley:

In the end of last year someone offered an original scania trail axle of an LBS141, the price was near the price of kilos for scrapmetal
so i decided to go to Hamburg to get it.
After complete dismantling and sandblasting i took it to Leo in Holland where we’ll make the conversion together in my holidays.
Nowerdays i don’t work in a workshop anymore like the years before so i have no possibility to do that all on my own.
I saw some pictures of the Charles Russell Scania and knew that this was the style of the rear end that i want (as a german i don’t like the danish style with the bumper because that wasn’t common in germany and for a middle-east truck it looks too smooth in my opinion).
If someone has more pictures of details it would be great.
Thank you for the pics, video and article!!
I attached a few pictures of the trail axle.

@Dan: Theres nothing planned to go to sweden but if you like to come down to us it would be a pleasure to meet you!


magirus deutz Scania achse 005.jpg

Hope these help!

I had forgotten how perfect the Russell 140 is. However, the rear chassis detail does not match these two brochure pics that I found on the internet:


Both are 6-wheel tractor units and both have similar brackets for the lights etc. and a square end on the chassis. One dates from 1968, the other from after 1977. Maybe the Russell lorry was modified at some stage? Whatever, it still looks good enough to eat! :laughing:

The top picture looks more like a rigid to me, and the bottom picture is an LBT140 (you can see the drive shaft for the rear axle)

The top picture looks more like a rigid to me, and the bottom picture is an LBT140 (you can see the drive shaft for the rear axle)

Nah, this one’s a rigid: :smiley:

Here’s another:

Both have similar rear lamp brackets to the other two chassis.

Hi all!

The pics from consettbell show more than i expected - a big THANK YOU for that!
@anorak: It’s the same brochure that i have and as you said, the chassis layout is a different one.

The Russell Scania is a really brilliant restoration - only thing i miss is some grease on the fifth wheel… :grimacing:

When the work on mine is done i will show pics here.


That is one awesome bit of kit !!!

Hope these help!


After two and a half weeks of hard work together with Leo Bol ( the Scania is nearly ready to hit the streets again.
Only the mudguards are missing before i get it back home next weekend.

Wow looking great jörg! Job well done:-)


Yep looking good do you have any pics of the build process.

Dirty Dan:
Wow looking great jörg! Job well done:-)