Photographers over M6?

Saw a couple of fellas taking pics of trucks from a bridge over M6 near J21. I think they got me going in both directions, anybody know who they are or if they put them online?

This probably won’t help but there is a guy called Simon Offen who takes pictures of trucks on the M20 and Dover. He seems to be well connected on the truck spotting front. You can find him on Facebook …

I’d bet my mortgage on them being Stobart spotters.

I know, you couldn’t make it up could you.

It was me, I am a Private Investigator and both your wives have hired me to get the evidence but what you were doing in both directions was disgusting,behave yourself.

Truck spotters lol… Escapees is a better name…

They take pic’s and sell them on flee bay.

I thought they’d be Stobart nuts but one of them definitely took my pic as I was heading back North. Stobart nuts are springing up on bridges all over the place nowadays