Phone data in europe

does any one use phone data abroad and whats the best network to use ■■

I used to, but not any more.
Free Wi-Fi is available but not as readily available as I’d like.

Vodaphone now charges £3 per day for their Eurotraveller optional package, which means you can use your UK free minutes, text and internet abroad. You only pay £3 on the days you use it. So if at any time during the day you make or receive A phone call, send or receive A text or go online for a moment, you pay £3. It’s an optional package which you sign up for. I haven’t, but avoid going online as much as possible now. At £3 per day, it would add roughly £40 a month to my contract, which would more than double my phone bill.

I think everyone else work a similar system now, with not a lot to choose between any of them.

I do, when I need to, use the internet through the 3G phone network. But keep it to a minimum and pay the per Mb rate. It’s cheaper than it used to be but I can’t remember how much it is now.

im with EE
i get 8gb of data with my contract.
they allow you to trade data for int calls
so 3gb of data i have swopped for free int unlimited calls
that leaves me with 5gb of data for uk.
on data roaming you can buy bundles but not sure how much ?
i have a 3dongle as well and that allows me to use my data in ireland, italy, and austria. at no extra charge.