Peter Holmes Transport,Market Weighton

Has anyone heard of or worked for this company ? Tried google but couldn’t find a website. Just wondered what type of work/vehicles they use. :smiley:

Not sure if this is the same guy, but pretty sure it is…Pete used to run out of Sandtoft Roof Tiles at Broomfleet leading Clay Roof Tiles all over the UK, I worked there a few years back and he built up his buisness from there. He had artics/flatbeds but I have heard Sandtoft have their own trucks now as they are owned by Weinerburger an Austrian company, not sure if Pete subs for them but he is a decent bloke from what I know of him.

I live locally and never heard of the guy but that’s not to say he don’t exist.

I looked him up on VOSA website got O licence in what I think was LTC’s yard … but so have loads of other :laughing:
I’ve never heard of him/ them … can’t recall seeing that name on any trucks :question:
Funny that no-one seems to know much about them.