Penalty points help

did a silly thing and got caught speeding which will get me 3 points.
i know a new driver who gets more than 6 in the first 2 years will loose there licence but how does it work as i have just passed my class 1 are the 6 point rule the same?

It only applies to the 2 years after you ‘first passed a driving test’

Unless you took your car test, and both HGV test in a row, it wont really apply to you.

Obviously the first driving test you passed was your car (or bike) one. its counted from 2 years of that.

Although if you tot up enough points to lose your licence (12 points) then they can refuse to renew your HGV entitlment.

dennis sounds right to me , went to cop station to check as had same fears as you years ago and that was what they told me