pay cut

just been announced to workforce a reduction in min worked hours paid
has been reduced from 50 to 45 no payrise
suppose we keep our jobs for a bit longer

the workforce is not amused

Name and shame?



sorry im fick wtf is HDNL its gonna be obvious aint it lol

Its DHL cammed up

Its DHL cammed up

I knew i would look stupid :blush:

Have I missed something here? less hours for the same money??

I assume that they were guaranteed 50 hours and this has been reduced to 45
with no increase in the hourly rate, thus a cut of 5 hours pay.

I can go one better than this. What do you reckon inflation is at now… :question: :question:

Inflation…going by the price of Bread and Petrol/Diesel…

Somewhere between 12 and 25 percent.

So never mind about all that RPI and CPI nonsense that the office of national statistics will try to feed you.

We are all losing money every single day in this messed up excuse for an economy, and guess what, nobody in Westminster cares, or is even listening.

We have just been offered 3% so thats a net loss of at least 9%… :imp:

I can go one better than this. What do you reckon inflation is at now… :question: :question:

Inflation is at 9%.
Any pay award less than 9% is effectively a pay cut.

In reality, no company will ever offer much more than that anually, I would consider 3% half decent. Tis better than a slap in the face.

From the horses mouth, although its utter nonsense to the man in the street … 2&Rank=432

It’s just a sad state of affairs that we will have to live with, until the muppets running this country stop building castles in the sand.

The availibility of cheap debt and rising house prices, doth not an economy make.

OK 3% on an already decent wage under the circumstances may not be considered bad, but when you are already on a crap hourly rate it is indeed a slap in the face… :imp: :angry:

Oh, and before you say it I am looking for another job, :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

The trick is these days for companies to get people working longer hours by paying peanuts. I know there are fuel cost problems in the industry but the companies need to use their voices at the CBI to sort that out. The electorate will do their bit in 2010. It can’t go on like it is, companies constantly screwing down pay and conditions to stay afloat.

I’d rather take a pay cut than a P45, there not may companies left in my area and steady work with lower rate is better than occasional work with good rate…

loads of gaffers rubbing their hands a last post!!
can see your point though.

the day of reckoning will be here soon!

We haven’t had a pay rise in at least the last three years from what i’ve been told and our boss is now considering changing our £7.50 an hr rate to £6.00 + a bonus of £1.50 an hr so if we F up on anything at all paperwork, delivery slot, minor bump and your weeks wage will be paid at £6.00 per hr

And apparently he’s looked into it and it’s perfectly legal as long as its labelled pay restructuring

Not to mention that our holiday money will go down as were paid a basic 40 hrs per week on holiday and you dont have to pay bonus if driver is on holiday

[zb]ing Arse :imp: