Patron Bien

Have to feel for the bus driver, as apparently the gantry can be raised but was in the lower position when he hit it.

Anyway it wasn’t marked so he’s blame free. :grimacing:

I was watching it on tv yesterday,it caused some problems at the finishing line, but it also caused problems within the race as to my understanding they brought the finishing line forward by 3k then changed back when the coach got free as the riders were in the latter stages of the the way Corsica wot a lovely place.

I also watched this live yesterday, complete ■■■■ up. After reading about it later it’s reported that the bus arrived late, the gantry is usually lowered after all the coaches are through. The driver was told to go forward while being guided! So I don’t understand how it got so far under before someone realised it wouldn’t make it. It’s the same coach, and driver, they have had for two years so it’s not as if they didn’t know the height. I love the pic of the driver with his head in his hands.

Anyway it wasn’t marked so he’s blame free.

I think the team still got fined though.

Just watched the driver on eurosport, turns out it was his first day driving the coach. As he said it could have gone better! Really, you think. Poor chap is mortified.

Coachnet CSI do not work on sundays so the cause of the incident will be confirmed by tomorow tea time the latest after Deal or no deal has ended.

all the riders ended up with the same finish time so they raced all them miles for sweet fa basicly! :smiley: