Past Class C, Onto C+E

WOW, What a feeling,
Passed Class 2,
1 minor tick in Observation, I can live with that lol
Nerves were so bad, before test if I could do it wrong I did…
End of month, drive same truck with a drawbar, to get C+E Sorted
More Nerves Again Ahead :laughing:

Congrats bud, you go through atts?

No, I used AUTEC in LLandow,
Its what several of my friends recommended,
I wish he had had a Auto like ATTS use, would have been easier, but saying that a learner failed in a ATTS Auto daf, on a hill start, he selected neutral and rolled back

Just a coincidence Tom, my examiner was called Tom Jones lol

I used the manual volvo fm7, didn’t fancy trying to get a job having never driven a manual truck.

Haha! I had him examining me for my mod 4 at Llantrisant last week! I had Vince for my actual test.

:smiley: :smiley: