Passed LGV 1

Hi all,
I have used this forum for many months for reference. I have picked up lots of good tips.
Anyhow passed my LGV 1 yesterday…im over the moon. I can hopefully progress from my LGV 2 lorry on to the LGV 1.
I do have question for you all though…
I passed my LGV 2 in 2011 and im guessing my medical is valid until im 45 ■■
Does my new entitlement (LGV1) need another medical at the same time or is it subject to the new rules…ie signing a medical declaration in 5 years time ■■
Im hopeful that someone on here will know.

The medical covers all LGV categories not for specific categories of LGV

Under the new medical rules a D4 medical lasts for 5 years or is valid until the age of 45 - whichever is the later

If a D4 is not required after 5 years then a self assessment medical declaration is needed until the next D4 is needed

Always check the cat C expiry date on the licence as that will give the date of the next self assessment or D4 medical
The reason I say this is that it could be that if a self assessment is done at age say 42 then it could be that the LGV is valid until age 47 BUT I do not know if it will work that way yet as the new self assessments have not been in that long

Thanks for the response.