Passed class C today.

A very big thank you to my trainer Dave at Peter Smythes, top man. Also thanks to Tracey for her help in securing me an earlier than expected C+E date for before Xmas.

The pleasure was all mine, good luck with the next step in your career .


Congrats pal! :smiley:

Dave seems to be quite good at this training lark… :laughing:

Dead right beezle, gutted i cant have his expertise again for my class one but he’s having a well deserved break when ive got my course :frowning:

Well done fella. All the trainers seem top notch at PSTT I had Tim for cat c and c+e and couldn’t fault him. Have fun with your next training.

Well done pal

:smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations on the pass. Brilliant. All the best with CE. Pete :laughing: :laughing: