Passed Cat C

Passed Cat C today. Actually enjoyed the test! Had only one minor where I missed a gear very late on in the test, I’ll take that. Examiner folded his clipboard away after about ten minutes and I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad sign! We talked about holidays etc for most of the test and It felt very relaxed. Need to get mod 4 done now. Then C+E as soon as the finance department (wife) allows.

:smiley: :smiley:

Nice…well done

Thanks. I’ve been looking forward to those fireworks Rog.

Congrats pal well done

Congrats - one minor, didn’t think that was possible!

Got 6 on my C test yesterday, so sounds like you’re well cut out for the driving lark. As for C+E, just tell her it potentially earns more money and she’ll green light it I’m sure. :wink:

Congrats pal! :smiley:

Tell her that being called a VAN driver is upsetting you! :laughing:

I’ve been a van driver for some time now so a little longer won’t matter. Lol. The wife can’t wait to see the back of me for a while, so I told her she has to let me do C+E so I can be a tramper!