Part time RDC work

Hey everyone

I hope you are all doing ok

Anyone know of some part-time trunking work in the Essex area.
Looking for a couple of days a week.

Please let me know.

Stay safe n well!!

Part time is tough. Dont know anyone who hires part time for trunking.

Best bet is going down the agency route.

If you are working on the other days, that will count as other work. Drivers need 45 hours rest each week. You can’t work more than 6 days in a row, and you can only work a 6 day week once every 2 weeks. So you can work 5 days one week, 6 days the next week, and alternate like that.

There’s not much agency work at the moment due to the lockdown. Many of the clients’ full time drivers are on furlough, and the full time agency drivers are lucky to get 2 shifts each week.

Some drivers are luckier, such as those working for the supermarkets. But the agencies won’t be needing new drivers there, as the agency drivers not getting enough work elsewhere will have already filled those vacancies.

Maybe wait until Easter and see how things are going then.