Parnis England Trucking Malta

Hi all,
anybody seen this company around in uk or europe they have blue trailers, think i saw a Unitruc unit with one awhile ago , any photos & info would be greatful,

cheers Alan.

parnis trucking used to have there trailers pulled by rh freight years ago when i worked there we often used to have to swap trailers at genoa they are from malta

Hanson is right about RH pulling their trailers but it was more of they were RH trailers in the 80’s with Parnis England Trucking on the side and rear.
They were step frame hanging garment boxes with the Malta Cross Service on them,
We used to take them to Marseille, Genova, Livorno or Reggio Calabria and send them un-accompanied on the boat and pick one up for the return leg back to Nottingham, unless there was a ■■■■ up and then we had to wait until that trailer came back a few days later…
In the early 90’s Parnis bought, i think 4 yellow step frame box trailers from York with massive overhangsto the rear, I took the first one down to reggio calabria loaded.
This was then the usual crack between RH and Parnis, you could end up with a white or yellow trailer on doing the same run.
In the 00’s, Parnis ordered two mega trailers from Krone but they were too high on the units that would have pulled them so the blue curtains were taken off and the chassis sprayed RH green with RH curtains on and put into their fleet.

If you check out their facebook page it looks like they may be tied in with Knights of Old.

Hi ,
thanks for the info yes looks like Knights of Old are doing work for them, cheers Alan.