had a very interesting chat with a driver yesterday who says that ashford truckstop is closing down a local man has bought it from euro tunnel lock stock and barrel and guess what theres a rumour that the council are going to build houses round there so the land will go through the roof !!!

Excellent news, the place is a dump and even bombing it would only be an improvement.

i agree neil but have you thought where all the trucks that use it now are going to end up and from my point of view if ive got 3hrs left and cant park in england im going to end up parking on the beach and having to get up 2 hrs earlier to make my delivery times


Tesco’s is packed what if your running late? I quite like Ashford.

I hhave some idea and help for Kent Parking

Ashford Tesco but beware of clamper!! :open_mouth:

Ashford Industrial Park (opposite the Eurotunnel Truckstop, behind the McDonald - always full of Willi Betz parking up!!! but beware of Traffic Warden! :open_mouth:

Dover TIR Custom Parking near A20 / Hooverport area - Plenty of parking space!!! - i think have to pay £8.00 pound overnight

A20 Long Laybay after huge crawling hill of A20 Folkstone

M20 Maidstone MSA - Nightmare parking style :open_mouth: - parking from the hell!!! :laughing:

have to patient catch to Clackett Lane MSA or Thurrock MSA

Dover - office industrial - Bridge near West Custom TIR Parking (always full up cos romanian,Turkish,Bulgarian trucks staying overnight for Custom,etc… :confused:

Ashford Sainsbury Delivery Loading area - usually irish lorries parking up.

parking somewhere in M20 Slip hardshoulder :smiley:

Cheers Ben.