Parking Ticket on Pineham, Northampton

Ok my Bad !

I delivered to Dalepack, Pineham, today in & out within minutes. As I pulled out my engine management light came on, so I drove 100 yrds towards BMW on Corolla Way, turned round & pulled over just before 99p stores. It’s not a busy road & it’s a dead end/only BMW AT THE END. I was in no ones way.
Switched off & thought I’d wait a few minutes to clear it, so I put it on break for a 15, Within 10 minutes a ‘Kid’ walks up to my door & hands me a ticket, before I realised what was happening he explains it’s a parking ticket & there are signs every where & I could finish my break. I explained that I’d only been there a few minutes & was going to move in the next couple of minutes, he replied with the usual “we can’t do anything about it now, you’ll have to appeal”

£250 (reduced to £125 if paid within 14 days)

Now I would call that extortion, I would’nt mind if I was obstructing vehicles or had been there for hours on end, but 15 minutes ?

The signs were clear, but I wasn’t just parking, I had a problem with the motor.

This was taken at 08.02 this morning, so I stopped to clear it at that time as well.
(I took the pic because it keeps showing the Red Stop Warning & it’s already been into MAN’s to check it out)

Obviously I’m going to appeal it, but has any one else successfully appealed against these ‘Crooks’

Or do I just ignore it (but they will try to get the details from my company)

Unless you have a breakdown report that has the time/location of the ticket an appeal will be useless.
I’m not going to say pay or don’t pay it because that’s up to you. Personally I’d not pay it as apart from some strongly worded letters, these things rarely get taken further. Be aware that the truck owner/boss will get the letters and might pay them to make it go away and then take the money from your wage. (Again I’d argue this as it was their truck that was faulty and you stopped to prevent damage to the vehicle)

Don’t appeal just forget it’s a receipt not a ticket.Been said many times Ignore it.

Private ticket = in the bin and forget it - inform management to do the same

Ignore it. And have a quick browse of this … … ng-tickets

There’s plenty of other stuff on the web about fighting unfair private parking tickets, but that one’s a good start. But whatever you do, don’t pay up and don’t let your gaffer pay up.

have a look on here … owforum=60 as some ppc,s are issuing small claims
one company must send out 100 a week

My “ignore it” advice appears to be out of date, on further reading. The thing to do now, apparently, is take the case to POPLA As far as I can tell, many private parking companies don’t have the stomach for extended legal disputes.

As said above ignore it and refuse to pay.They will send threat letters mentioning scare tactics of court and credit rating .It is designed to make you pay up.
They can not do anything.
It is only council or police fines or tickets that must be paid.
Do not engage in any form of communication with them.


Ignoring is now NOT the recommended action.

Appeal to them, then appeal to POPLA. This costs them £27 + VAT as well as lots of other costs and you will win if you take the advice from Pepipoo or MSE.

Pretty sure they have to be a member of the BPA to get details from the DVLA, and if the are a member of the BPA they can’t charge over £100 other wise they’ll be breaking the BPA code of conduct. Don’t give in and pay up to these cowboys, I suggest you go on the Pepipoo forums, they got me off a private parking ticket with a well worded letter when the missus went over the time on her ticket.

Thanks for the advice Chaps. I’ve handed it into the office & they are going to try & take it on.
My defence will be the Engine Management Light & the fact that I was only there for 15 minutes. £250 is Extortion in my opinion, even though there are signs that look like adverts all over the estate.
Also I noticed on one web site, that as a private estate we are invited onto it by the companies on it, so it would be reasonable to be allowed to stop for a few minutes (15 in my case) to sort out stuff. Bearing in mind that I stopped on a dead end road with only BMW RDC at the end of it & no traffic while I was there.

Could you not have got out stuck the head on the boy and taken his ticket gun from him :grimacing:

1). They do not have a legally contractual agreement with you. A legal contract requires three things, offer, acceptance and consideration. Only the first element is present.

2). The amount they are claiming has to be a genuine pre-estimate of their loss. They have not lost anything. Therefore any small claims court action they took is slated to fail.

I ignore things like this. If it puts your mind at ease then appeal, quoting the above two points and asking them to explain how they have arrived at a figure of £250 for their losses, and asking them to supply the 11-digit reference number in order that you can take your appeal to POPLA if they do not agree. This will cost them £27.50 and will cost you nothing, and you are still at liberty to ignore POPLA’s decision if it goes against you (99.9% of appeals go in favour of the driver, 100% of all appeals have gone in favour of the driver where the above two points were given as the basis of the appeal).

Their only course of action is to take small claims court action against you, although this does very occasionally happen, it only happens if the driver plays the “It’s not fair” card, rather than pointing out what contract law actually has to say about it. So if you do appeal, I wouldn’t tell them about your very understandable reasons for stopping, I’d simply advise them of points 1 and 2 above.

^ Very good advice from Harry

Thanks Harry. I’ve forwarded your comment to my TM, who’s had a bit of experience with this type of ‘Organised Crime’

Let the Games Begin !

Only mugs & mentally deficient people pay those tickets.

Do not pay it.