Parking refund help (SNAP)

We’ve been on SNAP for a while and generally I tend to stay in services rather than truck stops so I tend to pay for my parking and get refunded the following week in my expenses, however the other week I paid to park twice once at Chippenham truck stop and another time at Kate’s Cabin, the total cost of parking for both was £36.
The following week I looked at my wage slip and noticed that I hadn’t been paid for the parking, I put in query about it to the wages department and got a response the other day, I was told,

Office Bod-“******* wont reimburse you for the parking because those sites are on SNAP and that means they will be paying for the parking twice.”

Me-“I wasn’t aware that they were SNAP sites, when I phoned in to confirm where I was parked I wasn’t told by the office ‘oh that is a SNAP site make sure you pay via SNAP’, I’ve never been told that if I pay cash at a SNAP site I wont get my money refunded, all I was told is SNAP is available at certain sites for those who do not wish to wait till the following week to be reimbursed, also how can they be charged twice as I never requested to pay via SNAP”

OB-“Well they won’t pay it because that means they would be paying twice for the same truck.”

Me-“I don’t believe that they can charge you on SNAP when I have already paid cash and given my registration number over, have you seen the invoice from SNAP showing that truck parked there for those nights.”

OB-“No I haven’t.”

Me-“Well I paid that money out in good faith to park your (meaning the companies) truck in a secure location as we are requested to do, expecting to get that money back.”

OB-“I’ll see what I can do.”

Me- then goes into a rant about leaving the truck in Manchester if I run out of time and get a train home.

OB-“Don’t threaten me please, like I said I’ll see what I can do.”


If it comes to it and they don’t pay me my money back is it a small claims job? I know it’s only £36 but it’s not my truck and it was a genuine mistake, we’ve never been told not to pay cash/card at a SNAP site and I didn’t know they were on SNAP either.

As long as you have a receipt I dare say even if Snap did charge they will reimburse the company. One thing though, you resorted to threats a little to rapidly. At that stage you want them on your side and to help you

Yeah I appreciate I blew my lid too quick, I did ring her back and say sorry just reiterated that I paid it out in good faith and gave some waffle about me being the only earner in the house with 2 kids and don’t need to be paying to park their truck up, think she understood.