parking in swansea

anyone know somewhere to park up in swansea, would prefer reasonable comforts but anywhere will do


Swansea west services isnt that bad, and unlike Cardiff west, its flat parking.

If you want somwhere free, then head from the same junction as the services toward Gorseinon. (3rd exit off the WB M4). Down the A48, becomes the 4240.

Theres an industrial estate down by the 3M water tower and a bloody good cafe too. Nice breakfast and cheap. I just cant remember if its a Netto / Iceland / Farmfoods etc… that the cafe is near. Ask someone and ye will find, :laughing:

If you go off at the next one along from Swansea services, Llanelli and Pontarddulais, (is it junction 48?) then turn right towards Pontarddulais, after about 200 yards on the right just after the Spar shop there is a small and quiet little IE within walking distance- less than 5 minutes- of pubs, chippy, shop etc.

Otherwise, I would exercise extreme caution when parking in Swansea, which seems to have more than its fair share of diesel-loving, Stanley-knife equipped itinerant ne’er-do-wells.

its my first night out and wanted a couple of options in case of unforseen circumsatnces

If you’re tipping next morning you could do worse than Porthcawl for the night. Off the M4 at 37, follow road down into Porthcawl, onto a bit of dual carriageway, when you get to island at the bottom you can either park on the sea front or go into the big car park on the right, plenty of room in there.

It’s supposed to be cars only but I’ve never been bothered; overlooked by the cop shop and it’s very quiet out of season. Usual pubs and chip shops in town.

Avoid Port Talbot. It stinks and it’s full of ■■■■■■.