Parking in s wales

Anyone know of anywhere decent left to park Swansea S wales area please?

i parked round the back of sainsburys some years ago its a five minute walk into town from there.but not been down that way for a few years is ur heading west on the m4 take the first exit for swansea and follow the road in till u get to near the docks then carry on till u go over the brigde u will see sainsbury is on the left and u should see some waste ground with cars and units parked on.apart from that thats the only place i know

Thankya very big. Nobody luvs us

Couple of years since I have overnighted down that way, but M4 J47, 200m along the A48 heading West there is a big lay bye on the right off the carriageway with lots of room for trucks. Burger van and toilets there too :smiley:

Sadly, if the nimbys have had their way it might not be there now!

It’s still there, not sure about the bogs though. That is your best bet.

Alternatively, there’s the Enterprise Park, off Junction 45; quite a few seem to park on there. Just by Asda there’s an old Courts furniture place, seen a few trucks on there, fairly quiet anbd I don’t think there are any ■■■■■■ in the area at the moment.

Thunder, I don’t think you’d get much luck there now, that area’s had a lot of development recently (made a nice job of it too) and there aren’t many waste ground spaces left.

Sorry, wasn’t on-line last night, didn’t finish till 10 pm!