Paris to macon n6

i am doing a drop in paris mon morning then onto macon for tues wondering if the n6 is taboo now for trucks.
in my times doing italy,we always came off the autoroute at fontainbleau,ran the n6 to auxeer nord,back on the autoroute and back off at auxeer sud.the same at chalon/tournus.
it did make the trip to italy a little less boring.
i have all the time in the world on mon and fancy running down the national road,theres ok eating houses on the stretch from tournus too macon.and it will save the capo a bit of toll money.
i was supposed to go to ch but it was cancelled snf sny italys i have done in the past few years was through ch or austria,i did use the blanc once[250 euros] and the autoroute all the way,i had to due to time.
anyone still running these nationals?

do you know if the english couple, i think they were called dave and diane still run that routiers in brien, stayed there a few weekends on way back from italy.

The only time I was there, it was Griff n Debbie had the routier at Brienne, they’ve gone now.
I thought it was a French chap who had it, that might be out of date news as well.
Did Dave and Diane take over from him ?

You can use it in sections and other parts there are weight restrictions.The only part we use now is between chalon and macon where you have to come back onto the motorway again at the old dirt hole of the bp truckstops.We still use restaurants on the national which are not to bad but to be honest you are better off using the motorway.Good luck and happy travels. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

no i think ur right simon it was griff and diane, he was an ex driver it i remember rightly.

no i think ur right simon it was griff and diane, he was an ex driver it i remember rightly.

Griff used to drive for Yeardleys I think, he and Debbie (or Diane) took it over from another ex-Yeardleys driver. They gave it up to a French fella I think, 6 or 7 years ago.
The French garcon closed it at weekends so it fell out of favour among British drivers. I haven’t heard anything about it since, that I remember anyway.

The last time I was anywhere near there, a couple of years ago, I went to Le Pub at Bourg instead.

I’m sure the bloke that opened up in Brienne was an ex-Felgate driver called Phil, I went in there a few times in the mid 90s, it had only just had a shower installed then, had a couple of nice Sunday roasts in there, I probably would’ve stopped more often but it wasn’t quite far enough down the road to stop for the night on the way down, if stopping for the night was involved at all :open_mouth:

I always used to run the N6 too, usually I went straight round Paris on the Peripherique then N6 all the way from Fontainbleau, never bothered jumping on & off the Autoroute, straight through Auxerre, took the Convoi Exceptional around Chalon & then down past Jayat, took my chances going through Bourg, never got nicked for doing it either. there were some good stops down there, the Algerians, the Rally Route etc, shame if you’re stuck on the Autorote now :cry:

just got back tonite.
i did 4 drops, paris,macon,lyon and a small town called vallebois ,just sth of grenoble.
the boss is not interested in running nationals,you need to get the max driving from your driving time,
it was an easy trip,spent monday night in beaune services,tues nt on the a42 at lyon.the services are terrible.
food is just as expensive and just as bad as the uk services.

i used ,on bosses orders the new truckstop in calais “all for trucks”.
this place is a joke,2.50euro per hr for secure parking,i got there last night at7.30.
i sat in the cab after overpriced food and watched what happens.
the patrol security man was too busy chatting up the bird in the shop,he forgot to do his rounds.
no patrolled security as advertised.
ther should be,but he was in the shop.
i paid 2 euro for a shower,i was told 10 mins hot water,it lasted 4mins.
no shower heads,all nicked by who knows,
these used to go missing even before the eastern invasion
i got a half ltr of kronenburg.3.80euro and the beer was not good.
the food.
i will say got to try it yourself,what i think is crap,you may like it.
i would rather the ids in calais when around