Owner Driver work

Could you let me know of any decent firms in Belfast looking O/D either Box or Trailer work, for North / South :laughing:

Big Truck or scania king kev might know of somebody :question: :slight_smile:

Welcome to the site anyway :wink: :smiley:

Monty (ask for Mark Snowdon),McBurney(ask for Carolin McB),McCulla,Sawyers(ask for Derek Sawyers),Norfolkline(ask for Liam McFerran) all looking subbies for reefer work,count on 85/90p/mile for reefer traction work out of NI because of the “cheap” diesel in the South.
Also try P+O ferrymasters (ask for Tommy Baxter) Mulgrew Haulage (ask for Dermott Mulgrew) Reid Transport,Rankin Haulage (ask for Jeremy Rankin) for tauntliner traction work. All of them will want you to be on a boat on Sun night and back home on a Fri/Sat morning :open_mouth: .If you don’t want nights away (like myself) your only real chance of making any dough at all is with the big quarries. :wink:

If you hate sleep work for Derek Sawyer :exclamation: :laughing: Also Reid gives you more money if you paint your truck in their colours :bulb: :wink:

Thanks Big Truck
Do you know of any of the big Quarries looking ODs :open_mouth: or what about one of the block companys out there do you know are the rates any good :question:

Whitemountain have just had a couple of 8 wheelers handed back in at Comber quarry,Tarmac where looking o/d’s in the summer (I’m there at the minute on Subbie work) and RMC where looking Block o/d’s but you had to work as a company driver for 6 months first.

hey m8 roadferry is also a good one :smiley: …McCulla dont do subby work i dont think neva seen any subbys in there before…

sure Moris Kelly subby’s for McCulla,dont think i’ve seen any others though :slight_smile:

You boys are behind the times!!!
McCulla’s where advertising for subbies a couple of weeks ago in the Belfast Tele and the Sunday Life papers :exclamation:
“Roadferry” rates are the worst in the country!!! hence thats why all the subbies run FL10 Volvos and 2 series Scania’s!!! :cry: