Owner driver tipper driver experience?

Can anyone advise me on how best to get started as an owner driver / franchise driver for the quarries?

I have been drivng for the last 15 years on & off for the company i am working for & now fancy a change & was considering trying it on my own as maybe a self employed driver.

having worked on the building 15 years ago & had a lot of contact with the tipper drivers this is something that i have always fancied but never really knew how to go about it??

So if anyone has any advice on good companies to approach for these kind of positions i would be grateful would also be interested to hear from anyone that has experience in this field both good & bad so i can get a feel as to wether this is viable option?


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To help get you started on your quest, please use the search facility and put Mixer-driver01 or hammer in the box called “author,” then click ‘search.’
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As you read posts by those members, you’ll also get an idea of the names of other members who have connections with the tipper industry.

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Id leave it for a year or so, but only you can decide so, Ring your local quarries and find out who the transport managers are then speak to them. you might be better “floating” around the quarries that are busy. Lads do that up here and they seem to have a better day. I run a 8 wheeler but not under contract / franchise. I also dont carry asphalt. we’ve been pretty busy up here but they reckon it will slow down and we’ve got a tough couple of years ahead. but as we’re in it we’ve got to ride the storm.
remember that diesel can be up to 40% of the trucks earnings at the current price. and find a good supply of tyres ! good luck.
hammer will be along after countdown and neighbours has been on !!!

hammer will be along after countdown and neighbours has been on !!!

I don’t watch Neighbours anymore…I can’t get Channel 5!! :blush: :open_mouth: Mind you, I was home by 2pm today…a sign of things to come? :confused: :frowning:

I agree with Dozer 100% though. Starting on your own now is pretty much financial suicide. You need luck and a good run to get you started and if the work is struggling you’ve had it.

The tipper game is almost entirely driven by the building trade. This is predicted to downturn majorly in the next few years so you end up with lots of wagons bought in the good times scrapping (quite literally if it gets that bad!) over a reduced pool of work.

Get a solid job and ride it out is my advice.

Im on the mixers now (as my user name states lol) I wasnt put off starting up again even though my first one didnt work out. Just be carefull !! and wish you luck