Overnighting in Brighton

:smiley: I work at a 6th Form College in Brighton and this evening a Lorry Driver delivered some tables from Leeds. I was asked if I could help him to find somewhere to park up for the night as it is known that I sometimes park in Lorry parks when I am out and about ( as I have stated before my little Merlin Motorhome feels a lot safer parked up with you guys). I suggested he parked on the seafront along Marine Parade right up the end towards the Marina as I understand that is where lorries park for the night as we have no official Lorry park in Brighton.
As it turned out he did not need to stay in town as he had just one small table to deliver to City College about half a mile from here. I contacted my brother who is a lecturer at that college to see if we could save him the trouble of going there in the morning by taking the small table off him and passing it on. My brother told me there were staff in the college till 9 pm and the easiest route for him to take to deliver the table. Which meant that he could drive out of town to a better parking place.
This is not the first time I have helped late delivery drivers to find somewhere to park. The last one some months ago only had 20 mins driving time left and I sent him to the seafront.
Do any of you guys know of a better place for me to direct drivers to in this area? I know about behind Sainsbury’s Worthing, Seaford Buckle carpark (where you guys are allowed to park overnight but the council are not aware that you might sleep in your cabs. We are not allowed to sleep there as the rule staes no motor vans or overnight sleeping) also I know there is a lorry park on Easbourne seafront. These are rather far out to send lorries especially if they have another delivery in town next day or are short on driving hours.

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A27 east or West ,Behind Halfords Downlands retale park (you cant miss it )Safe and Quiet Sansburys s store with cafe ,Takeaways chipy chinese indian all opposite also a pub and 24hr garage .I often leave my truck there over night with no worries

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The last night out i had in Brighton was when I worked for an exhibition company and we had 3 shows within 50 miles, we chose to meet for the night out in Brighton and all three parked our trucks in a new marina complex south of the town centre (cant remember the name) we started with a meal then the pub then the bowling aley/nightclub, at 1.30am I staggered out of the club to find my truck and it was right outside the door !!! I didn’t remember parking that there but it saved the undoubted constant falling over for an hour or so.