Overnight Parking

Im going to Livingston on Monday for a 0630 delivery Tues to Bookers Cash& Carry I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere decent to stop for the night

Try Red Moss just off the M74 at Junction 13 (i think it is!!) its where the services are, there is a sign post, its about 2 miles down the road, ive stopped there a couple of times and its the best nights sleep ive had as its so quite!!

Ben :smiley:

hiya welshman i used to stop at the burnside it sits next to the m8 towards edingburgh cant remember what junction sorry but if you check a map its the junction before the services.£7.50 to park which includes starter and main meal plus free shower.bars good and cheap aswell

Many thanks Jonah Ill give it a try,the one at Red moss is a bit far away.

I would park at Lesmahago if I were you. Better facility’s.

Burnside truckstop is off junction 5 and head east. Was there last thurs night and they charge £9.00 now.

I didn’t even know it was there, and I only live 20 miles away. Typical. :unamused:

Well I stayed at Burnside,nice and quiet food was ok 9 quid to park includes meal & shower,but the lorry park is like the surface of the moon but well worth a return visit.

Did an overnight at Lesmahagow last week.

£7 inc Vat and £2 meal voucher

Parking — a bit on the muddy side.

WC etc - pretty clean, shower changing room is shared and a bit on the cosy side

Food — cheap enough, but I’ve had a lot better.

Bar — that’s the best bit, huge TV screen and the beer is good.

Shop — basic sort of stuff.

I’m up in Scotland again this month, and I reckon I’ll try the Burnside — heard good reports elsewhere.


Was there an old greasy haired alcoholic at the far end of the bar who drank whiskey till he fell off his stool :question:

I think I stayed there about twice a month for six years and never on any visit was he absent :laughing:

Pat — didn’t come across anyone meeting that specific description. I was tucked up by 20:00. But there were loads of Scots (nuff said!).

They’ve just redone the bar and there is a sign up about dirty clothes/boots etc — all a bit difficult bearing in mind the muddy parking area!

Did you ever use the truck park at Lockerbie — nice little pub just over the road (can’t recall if it was the high or low road).

Never stopped there, It was either Penrith, Carisle, Lesmahagow or Crawford when I went up there. :sunglasses:

If you have to stop on the 74 rhere is The Heatherghyl at Crawford, friendly enough, quiet, beer and 2 computers to play on.

Years ago we used to stop regularly at the old red moss but when me and my mate were both late for a delivery at Tollcross we got banned by our boss!

We had two loads of oil for UB, 8am delivery and we woke up at 9.30 in the moss. G olden days

:blush: :blush:

Now you are jogging memories :laughing:

Christmas week 1993 me and my mate pulled into Penrith on our way to Rutherglen and decided to have our own Christmas party, by midnight you couldn’t see our table for empty ‘Bud’ bottles, the loads got delivered 6 hours late next day and we swore we would never again do something like that, on the way back we pulled in there again and never got back to our depot till christmas eve, (24 hours late) :laughing: