Overnight parking?

As subject says. Im new to overnight stays been doing them a year or so. 1-2 nights a week. I dont get a meal allowance, but if i park on services my gaffer will pay parking with meal allowance. So i have to take advantage of this.
But tbh im sick to death of main stream food ie crap. Maccys, kfc,bk. And sick of my curtains being slashed!
Do anybody know of some good truck stops where a meal is included in the parking price?
Cheers scott

Any particular location or do you roam about all over the place ?

9 times out of 10 you’ll need to be parked up by 4 pm .

As bb asked where or what route are you normally on

When you say no meal allowance, does that mean you get no night out money at all?

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Cheers for the replys… Tbh nothing is ever set runs… We subcontract for a local company that dose shop fits we take the shop fitting to site and unload with moffett so never go same place more than once… We do other repeat jobs as and when but… Cause work for small comapany it all changes alot… yeh i get night out pay suppose thats my meal alloance eh? . Iv herd alot of places wont let you use the meal allouance on services… I use services alot but… Supose most runs i do will be via m6/5/40 a34 mainly that west of london i suppose thanks

PJM truckstop just south of Coventry off the a46 includes food with the price, it’s not bad either. Don’t know if that is too far out of your way.

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m4 jnc 17 the pit stop, and also in exeter, the exeter inn is worth looking up. Both independant and good grub.

Might be worth slinging a camp stove and a few tins of veg, beans, microwave rice / stir fry noodles and some sauce in your kitbag.

Or if you always use the same truck, keep a stash of tins in a locker?