Over to the dark side

I have been reliably informed the Big Vern has started for Eddie Stobart. HTH :laughing:

Oh come on NMM we all know BV1 only holds a C1+E licence and I don’t think Stobarts run anything like that apart from at their airport or the odd one or two on hospitality work, don’t think that’s something he would commute from Devon for? Just a thought! :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

Dave Penn;

I heard that to, I know it was something of a life time ambition for him so I for one say"well done and kerching Vern". That is all I have to say On the matter.

No he done his hgv a few months back.

I dont think it will last at heart he loves one hitting it to poland in a sherpa van for some fly by night crook.

Good luck to him :laughing: :laughing:

a good job if you can keep awake (bloody long shifts).

Maybe he’s driving Suzy soapsud or whatever it’s called.

I was told he is driving Veronica Adrianna…

Not sure the green uniform suits him :grimacing:

Not too sure wether its a tongue in cheek topic but if he has joined the dark side good luck to him, we all need to earn a living 1 way or another

Vern,not getting involved in all the rubbish mate,my only advice would be to put some of your wages away each week as the holiday pay is terrible,don’t think you get average pay you loose all your bonuses etc,no fun if all you can afford is a £9.50 sun holiday,I put my o/t shift away for holidays.