Out of hours just before my weekly rest what to do?

Hello I have ran out of hours about 1 hour from base and I’m due for my reduced weekly rest tomorrow and back to work Thursday problem is now I have to drive back to base in the mourning will be arriving about 6 am after 11 hours rest

The issue or possible issue is that will mean from a calendar point of view I have worked 7 days this week even though is just 1 hour to get home tomorrow

Is this a problem ? I should point out that I will still be having 24 hours rest before I start again Thursday so technically I have had adequate rest but then again technically I have also worked 7 days confused any help would be most appreciated :blush:

Forget about how many days because that has nowt to do with the regs

The rule is 144 hours max between weekly rests be they regular or reduced

I have to drive back to base in the mourning

did the lorry die on you ? :laughing: :laughing: … love typos

If you do take a 24 off can you fit in a 21 payback ok ?

I think that is the second time you have pulled me up on my grammar haha I need to be more carful

I can’t remember what happend with it now its been a while since iv been on but the word is still spinning so all is well