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Rikki…Firstly I ain’t having a pop it’s just a query, so don’t come back with 'If you don’t like it well…etc…etc. but has the forum bowed down to political correctness

I made a joke on the Work boots thread (admittedly a poor one :unamused: :smiley: ) when somebody mentioned ISIS transport. I used the phrase rag head which went on auto censor. (See it’s happened again) Why are the two words rag and head not permitted when combined. I am assuming that the reason is it is considered racist. If that is correct 99% of the British Forces that served in Afghan are also racist by those standards. If I said other phrases that were used by forces in past conflicts such as Jerry, Kraut, nip,… or Charlie used by the Americans to describe the V.Cong these would assumingly be am I right in thinking that it is another ‘skirting around the Muslims’ thing… in case they are offended, which seems prevelant in the UK today.
Racism is not something I have ever subscribed to and if I had used the N word or the P word fair enough but I just think censoring in this case is a bit Ott.
Political correctness in this country is ruining it in my opinion, and I would have thought that a forum ‘By drivers for drivers’ would be the last place you would find it.

You could of used

[zb] [zb] instead :wink:

Often it is not the words themselves that are the issue but the context people repeatedly use them in. :wink: :wink:
As some folks cant restrain themselves from being deliberately offensive we have to ask the more mature members to find other words to express themselves

There was a thing on the Archers website(Yes seriously) the other day about a thread Ruth Archer had created on mumsnet. So I decided to have a look and lo and behold it is peppered with swear words! Amazing that all these women are allowed to swear yet big rufty tufty truckers aren’t!

One Ive always wondered about is Gorja, surely that should be censored out just the same as ■■■■■, (traveller with a P). After all, thats the travellers slang term for us.

we have to ask the more mature members to find other words to express themselves

What did they both say?


we have to ask the more mature members to find other words to express themselves

What did they both say?

They say what the [zb] they like :smiley:

Now come on… Someone didn’t play fair did they :confused:

TruckNetUK was originally part of TruckNet, an American truckers site. They hosted us on their servers for a long time after we became TN and TNUK, seperate sites.
To retain their ‘open to all’ policy in America, strict language rules had to be complied with. Those rules also applied to us, even though we were a separate entity, only hosted on their servers (essentially a franchise).
We have simply retained, in the most part, those same rules. I don’t think we’re particularly pc about it.
Despite a small minority of posters complaining about our language rules, this site has grown and grown.
Now I’m not in a position to claim that our language rules have a huge influence on the sites growth, I do know that we haven’t really suffered because of them though. So we are quite happy to retain them.
We are after all, big rufty tufty truckers. We have the language skills to get our meaning across without bad language, should we choose to.
And when nothing else will get someones ‘passion(?)’ across, we have the language skills to fill in exactly which [zb] words has been [zb]ed out.

There have been several spin-off sites from TruckNetUK and some others have been around as long as we have.
Some have survived, some have died.
There was one spin-off which initially grew precisely because of it’s none existent language rules. I’m not sure if it’s still around.
If anyone wants to know their web address, ask. Someone will know and tell you by pm, (possibly Rikki). Obviously we don’t want to advertise ‘rival’ sites addresses on here :slight_smile:

Simon, that site is currently offline