Operating centre around diss / eye?


I am after a bit of local knowledge. I am looking for an operating centre to apply for an o licence, ideally around diss / eye in suffolk and ideally with a workshop onsite. I have already tried bartrums and mrct but they are full.

I will be visiting the area later this week hopefully but any insight is appreciated

Don’t know if Roy humphreys have any space

If you havent already tried this, might be worth a search

vehicle-operator-licensing. … operators/

btw, did you have any luck with your search for a TM?

I think I’ve told you about it before, but in case I haven’t, try Banham transport at Bunns Bank, near Attleborough so a bit out of your area, but not to far from Diss.
its the old Banham poultry factory site but have kept their transport running out of there, plenty of room and workshops on site, the sites also got security.

cheers for the ideas,

lilac lady - i did not realise roy is an operator i thought it was just a renault dealership there, i will have a look
keep a troshin - great link, cheers for that. i have had a chat with a TNUK member re TM and i think we have a mutual interest in working together, thanks for asking
muckles - you have indeed, and i keep banham in mind. the reason for diss/eye location is that it is more a less in between norwich, thetford, ipswich and bury, while attleborough is a bit for from the latter two. I also been working that area so know a few people. That won’t stop me phoning banham tho, so thanks for the idea

thanks all, really helpful, keep it coming :slight_smile: