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Not sure if this is old but someone’s got that awkward phone call to the office

IIRC, this was either last year or early this year

That was at the BP garage in pontefract at the Ackworth junction the main road heads towards Barnsdale bar but theres a low bridge about 1/2mile away he tryd to turn round i think in the forecourt.

Might of been worth slowing down. Looks like he got that plenty wrong enough

Or he has seen trailers go under the canopy before but they were lower trailers.
No height marker at the canopy.
No height marker in the cab.
Cab one marked in feet.
Canopy one marked in metres.
Lots of car horns tooting behind him,no time to convert.
Its strange why most forecourt canopies are too low for trucks.They miss out on shop sales as the driver would buy food/drink when filling up.
Or they build them just a few inches lower so trailers will not get under.