Crane crashes through McDonald’s roof in Consett

A crane has toppled through the roof of a McDonald’s restaurant in County Durham.

It happened at the fast food giant’s outlet on Genesis Way in Consett at about 13:00 BST.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said the crane had been on site to carry out scheduled development work and “toppled while moving an outdoor chiller unit”.

Nobody was injured and the restaurant will remain closed while the damage is assessed, the spokesperson added.

Eyewitness Brett Cooper, from Consett, said: "The restaurant was still open when it happened.

“There were people in there when the crane went through. I think they will need another crane to get it out.”

Durham Police were at the scene monitoring traffic and warning people to not take photographs while driving.


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Doubt the Crane op was in the mood for a Happy Meal after that.

On the plus side there’s now a crane and a hole in the roof, which should make coming and going easier for their regular customers.

Should’ve had the medium meal…!

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Driver: cuppa wouldn’t go a miss mate
Staff: Sorry drive can’t do that, don’t have permission… more chance of you throwing the crane through the roof

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It was collecting Vanesa Feltz’s Drive through order. :laughing:

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