Only a short week this week

Short but busy week this week.

Monday morning across to Woodville with a load of cement, that I loaded Saturday. Truck looking very clean.

This Dafs seen better days!

Unlike this one

Down to Walsall for another load of cement to Birmingham.

Got there and they didnt want it.

So off to Oldbury with it.

Did a couple of more loads then down to Meridan to load for Cannock on Tuesday morning. Stopped at the truckers rest on Monday night.

Tipped Cannock.

Then back to Meridan for another load.
M6 8.30 on a Tuesday morning at Hilton park south bound unbelievably quiet.

Next job was to a site in Smethwick on the old Cape hill brewery site, used to tip containers here. Crap site not good silo access.

Even the forklift struggled to get up this ramp

Next job was a site in Coventry, access was a bit better at this site.

Last job of the day tip this site at Woodville. Got there just before they closed but they let me tip it.

Had to get up close to connect the pipes.

The reversing camera is worth its weight in gold.

Then across to Buxton to load at Tunstead.

Cement gets every where.

Wednesday tip the cement then back to the yard. Drop the tank off, fuel up, then on to curtainsiders for a load to Bristol.

Got back the yard picked tank up, loaded cement at Cauldon lowe, then back to tip Woodville.
Stopped for some tea at the Salt Box

Thursday, down to Meridan to load for Gwent South Wales.

The silos had got this wall in front of them.

Had to manoevere to get in position and then had to connect three pipes which meant it took longer to tip.

No I didnt knock the wall down! It was like that when I got here.

Mental note to self, “Keep out of that mud!!”

Came back over the bridge.

Stopped at Wychbold truck stop for some dinner, glad I didnt have to park this up!

Think I was following Delboy at one point! :smiley:

Some 360s awaiting despatch in Uttoxeter.

Finally, back to the yard, fuel up, and go home for a long weekend. Happy Easter everyone!

nice pics, :smiley:

Great pics,
looks like youve got the job sorted, :slight_smile:

I use to drive vacuum tankers
and often took the less risky appraoch and
laid 100 ft of pipe ,
instead of squeezing into places :laughing:

Excellent diary again mate…brought back some happy memories!

This is the shed I used to drive…

Your rig looks nicer!