One for the brick and block guys and girls

Actually got told I was a lazy (not allowed to say on trucknet) but first word starts with f and the second word with a c by the forky on a site I was delivering blocks to when he tried to tell me it was my job to put the pallets out. Needless to say I very politely explained to him that it was not my job and If he wanted them on pallets then someone from the site had to lay them out or the blocks would be going on the floor. Now I normally don’t mind chucking a few pallets down if they’ve got the right attitude with me but when people start swearing at me cos I won’t do their job for them then they get politely asked to go forth and multiply.
We are told by our management that putting pallets out is not our job. Just wondering how many stick religiously to the not my job and how many chuck the pallets out themselves.

+1, same with bricks. If they want them on pallets, it’s up to them to have them laid out in the area they want them. One of our drivers actually injured himself whilst laying pallets out, so we got a safety briefing :unamused: :unamused: advising us not to do it.

To make matters worse for the forkies, we’re no longer allowed to double stack on pallets after a flimsy one gave way and dominoed 20+ packs :smiley: :laughing:

So, they either get double stacked on (solid) ground, or they get single stacked on pallets that the forkie needs to lay out for me. Im salaried, so I’ll happily sit there all day whilst they do it, or take them back :grimacing:

Some things never change , I’ve been finished for 15 years and the same problem was there then . If any silly bugger though I was going to climb down from a top seater to do their job was sadly disappointed . Arrive on site , forky as usual hiding and a neat stack of pallets with a notice "bricks here ". Nice neat row of bricks on the ground , pallets still there . I’ve had some interesting conversations getting tickets signed .

You set them out with the voids arse about face then.

It always amused me that people i’d never met before professed to know exactly what my job is. We were told not to argue with them but call the office. It was fun when i did and the office said put ‘that’ person on then after a few minutes ‘that’ person would hang up the phone and give me a dirty look as they went off to unload the trailer. :grimacing: :sunglasses:

Goole docks used to ask us to do similar for “damaged urea”.

24 pallets to set out in the trailer, and they used to sit there in their forklift giving dirty looks. This is the same site that tell you in no uncertain terms are you allowed to climb on to the trailer.

The office became aware of this very quickly one morning, and I don’t believe any of us have been back in 18 months.

If they want it on pallets, they can put it on pallets.

If they want them on pallets, they should order them on pallets.

The trouble is there are some idiots in this game that would actually lay the pallets out as requested because they dont have the balls to say no. From that moment on it becomes the lorry drivers job to lay the pallets out “Because that is what all the other drivers do”

We have a very similar situation when delivering cabins and there is a pile of concrete blocks that the customer wants the cabins to land on. My response to the site manager is “crack on Guv” whilst I make time for a cuppa.