One for Carryfast, the rise of the German car industry

I know why the German car makers left ours for dead, they were better.

There, dropped that grenade, I’m now speeding off in my 1977 VW campervan, or my BMW Mini. I’ve not decided yet. Have fun everyone. :wink:

I’m on my 2nd one the first i had for 4 yrs and i think i had to change a light bulb once.

You can’t beat vw best motors I’ve ever had specially the one I have now a 1987 mk2 scirocco build quality is fantastic and the vw deserve the cult following that they have…
Which reminds me it’s vw festival at harewood house soon :sunglasses:

I thought we (the British) were supposed to produce more cars nowadays than in the 70s, but the figure in the BBC article (1.3m for 2011) seems a bit poor to me. I also wonder how far past 10,000 was the number produced by British-owned companies. Makes you wonder why the Germans went to war when they easily better us in peacetime .

The build quality is missing on the 2.0 tdi diesel engine by some reports.
Oil pump problems it seems.

how long do you reckon carryfast’s first contribution to this(soon to be ruined)thread will be?
at least 1000 words ranting about everything from the unions to BL,communists and margret thatcher…

You have a good chance of reaching a destination in th 77 V.W. Would you attempt the trip in a B.L.product of that era?After the war Germany was rebuilt from the ground up,that means a modern railway system and new factories all funded from the Marshall plan.We the supposed victors simply paid for everything.If we won the war they won the peace.

Well Sunday night after Top Gear is a programme about the history of the German car industry so might watch that.