Old North East haulage companies (Part 2)

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Old north east haulage companies ( part 1)

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so does this dysfunctional site now limit posts ?

I bet I dont get a reply, I just dont get it

As I understand it:
The old thread still there and we can all access all of it.
The new thread is, as you have noted open for all.

Just a new volume started, because the old one was too big.

Don’t think you have grasped what has happened. Because of the 10,000 post limit everything from October 2011 until February 2024 has disappeared (over 100,000 posts if my memory is working correctly).

It would be good if the content of the site as was before the transition to the new site could be transferred over. Currently the site has gone from one of my go-to every day sites to one I visit every so often to see if it in has in any way managed to replicate what has been lost.

It is all here I think. Not all the images are currently intact but Dave has said they will be transferred over time.

If they are all there have the dates become corrupted as there is nothing showing from October 2011 until January 2024?

Also when I go to my profile it only shows my activity as 3 replies while I made well into the double figures of replies in this topic on the old Forum. Whatever has happened the new Forum is not displaying all of the posts made before the update.

I guess the number of posts has been reset?
But I can see loads of posts, between the dates you say, in that thread.
I use the narrow blue cursor just to left of the post’s number to scroll roughly to other points on the thread.
Here is one from the middle, Windrush 2019

Something very strange happening then. Whether I am logged in or out I see 12599 posts in Part 1. Post 12587 is from Larry Dunbar on 24/10/2011 at 22:41. Post 12588 is from Keith8357 on 21/01/24 at 09:34 so that looks like a 12 year gap. However, delving further up the list post 9022 (I think - difficult to know whether you are exactly on the post number listed on the sidebar) is from paul_ward on 03/01/24 at 23:01. Post 9023 is from night_shift_bri on 09/07/2010 at 01:31.

So the indexing of the board has gone wildly adrift and a big chunk of the history from Jan 2010 to Oct 2011 has been shifted from the start of the board and tacked on at the backend. This is not really helpful when you are trying to follow a discussion.

I`m using Chrome.
The first link I gave takes me to Larry Dunbar Oct 2011. Marked as post 1/12599

It seems to be photos, but the images are not there yet. Using the normal cursor on the extreme right of my screen I scroll down seeing each post clearly.

Using the pale blue bar just to the left of the post counter, I can fast scroll to another point, then use the normal cursor to slow scroll to where I want.
The dates of each post appear top right of the post, but still to the left of the post number.

Does that make sense?

Word of explanation. My memory was obviously very wrong about the total number of posts in Part 1 of the topic so apologies.

However it would be sensible for the site to be set up so the posts in Part 1 are in chronological order rather than having a large chunk from the very early days of the topic suddenly taken out of sequence and dropped in at the very end. Then when I can find out how to put the newest posts at the top of the thread I will be happy that the migration has actually been properly implemented!

The next part of the project will be to try and get the many people who had an interest in this particular part of the forum back to being regular visitors and that is likely to be a much harder job than the technical bits about transferring the stuff over to a new configuration which has de-motivated lots of regular users.

Ive got a lot of photos of NE hauliers but I cant post them for some reason ,I will still keep trying though, Regards Larry.

21 days according to the post counter on here, no one has been on this thread that used to have dozens of hits, photos and comments and now nothing, where is everyone. ? if you’re out there see you at next drivers’ bash .hopefully, regards Paul.

“By drivers, for drivers” says the blurb at the top of the site. Unfortunately the recent update to the site has left many of the previous visitors and posters feeling that the site is now “By geeks, for geeks”. It is a sad loss of an active and interesting piece of the TruckNet presence but I can’t see any easy way to get in touch with the people who have given up on this site and convince them that it is still their forum and not some highly technical web-fest requiring more geek capability than their background as active and busy drivers provides.

13 days since anyone posted on this site is unheard of, some one or more than one would be on here any time of the day or night. Sad loss to the transport history of the northeast, as this mine of information and this knowledge isn’t written down or collected to reflect a bygone industry of professionals. if you’re out there old members it was good while it lasted, take care and stay safe, P

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sorry but I just can’t get my head around it, & I am quite good on computers but it has lost me, talking to some of the lads yesterday at Bill Bradys remembrance get together they all said that they only tried it once & couldn’t make any sense of the new forum so gave up, can’t say I blame them such a shame, no doubt some of them will tell you on the 20th April 24 @ the labour club, see you there Paul

Hi Keith ,I’ve managed to get on the website after a few tries and it really wasn’t worth the time and effort,no one has posted on northeast drivers page for a fortnight,no sign of any of the regulars,as you say it’s a shame ,see you on the 20th, cheers Paul.

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